eToro Review

Social trading is becoming more and more popular with every passing day. Social trading combines online communities with traditional trading practices. It is quite beneficial both for experienced and novice traders. Moreover, according to eToro review there is no other social trading platform as popular as eToro on the market. As per eToro review, It has become a pioneering social trading platform across the world. The platform makes trading accessible to anybody and anywhere. eToro was founded by siblings Ronen Assia and Yoni Assia in 2007. Since then, It has been making constant efforts to keep a balance between enhancing all the imperative elements for the seasoned traders and offering simple access to the beginners. Starting as a forex trading broker, eToro now has increased its offerings to trade other assets like commodities, market indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies so find out our full eToro review to know about their features.

eToro Reviews Crypto trading flow

Benefits of trading with eToro

• Simple to use and understand trading platform
• 3 social trading platforms including eToro WebTrade, eToro OpenBook, and eToro Mobile Trader
• A lowest minimum initial deposit of $50
• Complete educational resources
• Attractive and competitive promotional bonuses
• Reliable and 24/7 customer support

Is eToro a legit platform?

Yes, the eToro review shows that it is completely legit without any doubt. Registered by CIF (Cypriot Investment Firm), they are a fully licensed brokerage. The platform is regulated and monitored by CySEC throughout Europe and FCA in the UK. The services and activities of this platform obey the requirements of ASIC and MiFID.

Features of eToro

According to eToro review it focuses on both long-term and short-term traders and investments. Whether you want to opt for short-term investment trading or wish to go for long haul investments, eToro enables you to do both. Some of the key features:

Simple Platform:

Founded with an idea to make trading accessible to everyone, the eToro platform has changed over the years. However, you will still find it to be simple to understand and intuitive. We get to know by eToro review that it can help even beginners with different investing concepts.

Social Trading:

Social trading is a signature feature. From our eToro review, we get to know that we will not find any other social trading platform like eToro. The crypto traders and investors get an opportunity to replicate other people’s trading activities with its CopyTrader feature. On this trading platform, some people have keenly studied the markets for many years. With the CopyTrader feature, you can easily copy those traders and see your investment grow.

Mobile App:

According to eToro review, its mobile app now makes it simple for you to manage your investments from anywhere and at any time. Whether you want to trade, follow, or copy trading feeds, you can do so using its mobile app.

Managed Options:

Since eToro works both for people interested in a managed portfolio and people looking for day trading, their CopyFunds program provides managed portfolios at different levels of risks and different themes.

Secure platform:

We assure you by our eToro review that it keeps all its client’s information and money safe by taking all the necessary precautions. They use the highest possible cybersecurity to do so.


eToro works transparently so that all its clients get every advantage of its social feature. Moreover, From eToro review, we get to know that it doesn’t have any hidden commissions and fees, and every payment is explained on the platform simply and clearly.

Opening an account on eToro

By Checking the eToro review, millions of people have already started investing smartly on the eToro’s platform. you can be the next one to be copied.

Follow the below simple steps to open your account today:

• Visit the eToro website and access its account application form
• Fill all the required details in the account opening form
• Fund the account
• Verify the account using your address proof, your phone number, and government-issued ID.
• Select a deposit method

eToro Reviews Account Application Form

Deposits and Withdrawals

As per eToro review, it has limited options to deposit funds that you can use to trade including a domestic wire transfer and online banking, it promises to add more funding options soon. You need to make a minimum deposit of $50 with online banking while you will have to make $500 as a minimum deposit via wire transfer.

You can start withdrawing once you have $50 available in your eToro’s account to your own bank account. By eToro review, we get to know that It can take anywhere between 3 to 7 days to get your funds in the bank account.

eToro Reviews Withdraw funds


eToro has a bit higher fees for its products and services. However, the fees differ based on your investment options. Moreover, according to eToro review, conversation fee may apply if you withdraw or deposit funds in currencies other than US dollars.

Training and Education

The Trading Academy of eToro offers many different resources both for experts and novices alike. From eToro review, we get to know their learning resources include videos, webinars, and guides that are aimed at making you learn more about financial markets and social trading. By eToro review, we get another useful resource that is eToro’s blog. It keeps you updated on the newest happenings in the market. The training and education section of eToro certainly meets the diverse needs of both experienced and beginner traders.

Customer Services

According to our eToro review, the platform ensures to resolve all your issues efficiently with its customer help channels. These channels include a HELP center that contains FAQs to address the common issues of traders, a LIVE chat option that lets you talk with a customer support representative directly and opening a ticket option that takes you to a customer service center. By eToro review, we get to know that all these channels are pretty quick and can help you almost immediately.


According to our eToro review, it is an excellent multi-asset platform that lets you invest in cryptocurrencies and stocks and even trade CFD assets. This highly regulated broker offers an innovative platform to trade an extensive range of assets. Moreover, we get to know from eToro review that when you start trading, you get the ability to earn nearly 2% management fees as investor traders. This platform has a highly attractive social copy trading feature. You can use it to your benefit to find out what is exactly happening in the cryptocurrency investing world and become a successful trader yourself.


1: What is an eToro Platform?

Ans: eToro is a social trading & multi-asset brokerage company that provides financial and copy trading services.

2: How much does eToro charge per trade?

Ans: According to the eToro review, trade fees are different based on your investment options.

3: How to trade cryptocurrency on eToro?

Ans: From eToro review, we get to know that eToro provides fiat-to-crypto trading pairs and cross-crypto pairs for the crypto trading.

4: What can I trade on eToro?

Ans: In the eToro platform, you can trade on currencies, commodities, stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and indices.

5: How does the eToro platform secure?

Ans: As per eToro review, it takes security very seriously & uses several security mechanisms to protect your wallet and its key.